Car Angel is a small and non-invasive device that automatically notifies your pre-loaded contacts if you have an accident. It can also let them know where you are upon pressing the button.

How it Works

If you have an accident, your Car Angel will automatically send a notification with the GPS location and the G-force of the impact to your preloaded contacts.

If you get a flat tyre or your car breaks down, you can activate your Car Angel by pressing the button. This will send your location and other relevant information to your preloaded contacts via text message. There is also a check-in feature to let people know that you have arrived safely at your destination. Logistics company drivers can use this to check-in at each delivery location.

Car Angel’s come with their own solar panel charger, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of power. You’ll also get an SMS once a month to confirm that the device is functioning correctly and what the battery voltage is.

Main Features

Internally mounted to your windscreen

Solar Powered

3-year battery life

Small and lightweight

Non-invasive installation

Acts independently of the vehicle’s mechanics and electronics

Measures severity of impact: level 1 (light bumper bashing) to level 3 (critical impact collision)


Not reliant on the battery or signal of your cellphone to send out notifications

Automatically sends your medical aid information to your preloaded contacts

Quick and easy installation – no technician required

Check-in feature to let your pre-loaded contacts know that you’ve arrived safely

What happens next?

Once you order your Car Angel online, it is shopped directly to you. Once you receive your device you will get a link to set up all of your pre-loaded contact and other details online.

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