Angel Alert is a compact personal panic button that you can always easily keep on you. Activate in an emergency and send a pre-loaded SMS to your loaded contacts with your location. Independent device with own sim.

Angel Alert allows you to easily send for help. The device is a compact personal emergency panic button. Angel Alert is ideal for children, elderly or disabled people left at home – this unit allows them to quickly and easily notify loved ones, neighbors or local community members.
In an emergency simply press the panic button which will send an emergency alert via SMS to your pre-programmed numbers. Angel Alert is an ideal at home panic button but will give GPS location as well.

Angel Alert allows you to set the message information that gets sent when the unit is activated. Medical info, allergies, requests
Angel Alert makes use of a SIM card which requires no pairing with a cell phone or any other device.

Main Features

3 Year standby Battery Life

A user sets up a profile via the online site and enters all information and parameters

Angel Alert Advanced has the unique ability to set your preferred regions or locations where unique location-specific guardian angels or emergency contacts can be assigned – for example, if you are at home/work/school, any emergency alert SMS will go to your designated set of contacts for that region or location.

Unit Checks in once a month to let you know battery voltage and that it is Functioning correctly

The unit is completely programmable and has capacity to send 10 SMS's to pre-programmed numbers.

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