Asset angel


Asset Angel is a premium security unit that allows you to protect your fixed assets. The unit is GPS enabled and is completely independent with own sim and solar panel for charging. Simply stick the device on what you want to protect, arm the unit via SMS, and if any movement is detected the unit will notify you and up to 10 others.

How it Works

Asset Angel is a small independent device that when armed will detect movement and immediately send a pre-programmed message to up to 10 people. The device can be used on storage units, motor homes, boats, motorcycles or any valuable you are interested in protecting. The unit is armed and disarmed via SMS.

Main Features

Solar Powered Recharging

3-year battery life

Full Log reports on Angel Database

The unit checks in once a month with a SMS to let you know battery voltage and that its functioning correctly

asset angel deviceee

Non-invasive installation

Acts independently

Small and Lightweight

Arm and disarm via SMS